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Confitude Global Services specialises in the design, development and implementation of e-Learning solutions in a wide range of disciplines involved in financial services, energy, pharmaceuticals, retail, communication industry, public administration, environmental services, hospitality, health care, media and human resource development.

At Confitude Global Services, our subject matter experts “SME’s” are trained in the art of gathering and translating your training requirements into e-Learning products and services. Each e-Learning consulting assignment is different, as we align the services to be provided with the requirements of our clients. Confitude Global Services e-Learning evolution is a cost-effective alternative to traditional classroom learning - But it is not intended to take the place of a teacher-led class, rather to supplement it as a blended learning option

Areas of Specialisation

  • Identify e-Learning training areas including potentials and create tailored strategies.
  • Maintain, develop and update content.
  • Materialization of your solution.
  • Blended learning solution.
  • Create and simplify the e-learning architecture.
  • Develop delivery method to target audience.
  • Design long-term resilience into your training approach.
  • Measure success and manage feedback.
  • Implement and enhance your existing training solution.

Learning with Confitude Global Services is all about flexibility, you can learn at home or at the comfort of your desk at work. The main thing is you are learning where and when it suits you. That means no classes to attend and no time off stick. Whatever your circumstance, your course fits in with your life style


  • Start when you like and work at your own pace
  • Be part of our online learning community and manage your studies online
  • Full support as you progress

Confitude Global Services specialises in the design and development of bespoke e-Learning solutions in a wide range of disciplines and for a multitude of industries.

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